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Oil & Energy Database

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Oil & Energy Database

Oil & Energy Industry

The energy sector is a category that is related to producing or supplying energy. The energy sector or industry consists of companies that are involved in the exploration, drilling, and refining of oil and gas. Apart from that, the energy sector also consists of power utility companies like renewable energy and coal. The energy industry is categorized based on how the energy is sourced – They are non-renewable or fossil fuels, and renewables such as solar.

Petroleum products & oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, or nuclear fuel are categorized under non-renewable energy. Hydropower, biofuels, wind power, and solar power come under the renewable energy category.

Electricity is considered to be the secondary source of the energy industry. Energy prices are driven by supply and demand.

Importance of Oil & Energy Sector

The companies in the energy sector are primarily in producing or supplying energy such as fossil fuels or renewables. The energy sector provides fuel to power the economy. And, that makes it an important driver of industrial growth.

There are various types of energy sector companies, and these include Oil and Gas Drilling, Pipeline and Refining, Mining, Renewable Energy, and Chemicals. ​The energy sector is an inter-related network of companies. They power the economy along with facilitating production, manufacturing, and transportation.

Who Can Use an Oil & Energy Database?

The oil & energy database includes details of companies and key personnel in the industry involved in the drilling, extraction, or refining of oil and gas.

Using oil & energy databases, oil & gas companies can analyze, report, and act on information. It can help their marketing team to transform data into actionable insights visualizing digital oil fields or smart refineries and stay a step ahead of their competitors.

If you are a B2B or even a B2C business looking to reach the right prospects in the energy sector, the oil & energy database can be useful for your database marketing efforts. Using oil & energy segmented databases or mailing lists can enable you to get a high ROI through your marketing campaigns.

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