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What is media all about? Well, media is the communication outlet that stores and delivers information. This information could even be in the form of data. Components of the mass media communications include the print media or the news media. Publishing, photography, cinema, radio, and television broadcasting are also communications media.

Role of Media

In a democratic country, the media is free to select their stories that they consider important or interesting. The advances in internet communications have improved the access to information. Further, the media also acts as a watchdog, critic, or scrutinizer. All this has led the media to play an important role in society.

Functions of Media with Examples

In general, there are a few functions that are identified with the media of today, and they include informing, persuading, entertaining, and culture transmission. Examples of media associated with these functions include advertisements, visual representations, or verbal & non-verbal language.

Who Can Use Media Database?

Consisting of journalist and influencer contact information, a media database is a structured directory. It allows communications professionals to search and find the right people. A media database helps people to reach out to communications professionals to seek earned media coverage.

All media databases are not created equal – they vary in size, or regions served. However, when it comes to using, a media database is usually constant across the industry.

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