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Industrial Automation Database

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Industrial Automation Database

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation involves using control devices like Personal Computers (PCs) or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) to control industrial processes and machinery that enables to eliminate labor intervention to a large extent.

Industrial automation is a technological process or procedure that enables the performing of an industrial task with minimal human assistance. There is a sequence of machines through which raw materials are processed to transform them into the final product. By machine, it can be anything – for example, a motor, or conveyor belt, etc. Today, it is unimaginable for a production line without automation systems. That’s the extent to which industrial automation has taken over the production processes in most companies across industries.

Need for Industrial Automation

The fundamental need or motivation for industrial automation is due to the fact that it helps to increase production, reduces production cost, improves the quality of the product, efficiently uses raw materials, reduces energy consumption, and increases profits.

Apart from the above points mentioned for implementing industrial automation, other benefits include a safe environment for the workers and a reduction in environmental pollution.

Types of Industrial Automation Systems

Today, industrial automation is employed by several companies across industries. The automated systems perform tasks – from manufacturing to operating an ATM, and so on.

The complexity levels of the automation systems and human interaction vary for each application. Based on the automation solutions, industrial automation systems can be classified into four types – they are Fixed Automation Systems, Programmable Automation Systems, Flexible Automation Systems, and Integrated Automation Systems.

Industrial Automation Database

There are several B2B and even B2C businesses that deal in industrial automation systems, electronic components, spare parts. These businesses would tap the industries where industrial automation can be newly implemented, or where maintenance services and spare parts are required. Using an industrial automation database, businesses can tap such companies to sell or showcase their products or services.

Further, there can be start-ups, small businesses, and other companies who desire to implement an industrial automation system at their workplace. An industrial automation database can be useful to shortlist such service providers.

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