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Banking Services Database

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Banking Services Database

Types of Banking Services

There are four types of services that banks cater to – individual banking, business banking, digital banking, and loans. Banks assist individuals in managing their finances by offering a variety of services that include savings accounts, debit & credit cards, wealth management, and insurance.

Investment Banking

Helping clients to raise money in the capital markets, and providing them with various financial advisory services is what investment banking does. It further assists in mergers and acquisition activities. Investment bankers’ function as intermediaries between security issuers and investors. They help new firms to go public.

Being the most complex financial mechanisms, Investment banking serves several business entities and their purposes. They provide financial services like proprietary trading or trading securities. They help organizations in mergers and acquisitions. They leverage finance involving the lending of money to firms to purchase assets.

The BFSI Sector

BFSI is a term that one usually hears or reads in newspapers or while watching finance or business news. The BFSI is Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. The rapid strides taken by developing countries to turn their economies into a digital one has benefitted the BFSI sector.

The sector presents a massive opportunity for businesses – B2B as well as B2C, to explore for selling and showcasing their products or services. The BFSI sector is the backbone of the Indian economy. It includes banks, stock-brokers, insurers, microfinance & big lenders, payment portals & gateways, and other companies specializing in the financial area.

Using Banking Services Database Can Enhance Database Marketing

The data collected by businesses that grows exponentially has helped businesses to increase their customer insights. Relevant data forms the backbone of any digital marketing campaign, and it has empowered marketers in their digital marketing efforts.

Database marketing might not be a new thing, but just having huge data is not enough. Data analysis should be implemented to derive maximum benefits accruing out from any digital marketing effort.

Database Marketing in simple words – is a type of marketing that helps businesses reach their target audience efficiently along with optimizing the ROI on their marketing investments.  For this purpose, it uses aggregated and mined consumer data that’s based on their demographic, psychographic, and behavioral patterns.

Leveraging Banking Services Database to Implement Database Marketing

Database marketing has several benefits. It helps to make marketing communications more targeted and improves its efficiency. Database marketing helps to develop customer relationships and generate loyalty. Marketers use database marketing to give a personalized experience to their prospects and customers. Further, database marketing enables a business to get valuable customer feedback and offer them improved services.

Banking Services Database

Banks use traditional relational databases within their IT infrastructure. Financial institutions, especially banks, are using Big Data in big ways – to boost cybersecurity, to cultivate customer loyalty, or personalize their offerings.

Devising marketing campaigns for banking services involves several elements that include the goals & objectives of the business, target audience, emerging markets, the strengths & weaknesses of the business, and availability of resources. The most effective campaigns for banking services are found to be customer outreach, digitization, social media, big data, and digital content. And, all of these need marketers to have a robust banking services’ database to market successfully.

An individual or an enterprise may be planning to contact the IT manager in say, HDFC Bank to sell their internet services, or they may want to contact the HR Head of ICICI Bank to sell their payroll software. There are different ways in which a business can reach the key decision-makers in the banking services sector. Those businesses that have products or services specific to the banking and financial sector can use the banking services database to enhance their marketing efforts.

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