Top 10 Edible Oil Companies in India

Cooking oils, or in other words edible oils that are majorly used in India include groundnut, soyabean, canola, sunflower, safflower, etc. Other oils like coconut, palm, and rice bran oils are more valued all over Asia for their high-temperature cooking. Some businesses supply raw material to edible oil manufacturers, and other businesses support edible oil manufacturers. We are in the digital age where digital marketing holds the key to your sales growth. Any business – B2B or B2C, that desires to reach out to key contacts in the edible oil sector to sell their products or services need to have a robust edible oil companies’ database or edible oil companies’ email list. Listed below are the top ten edible oil companies in India for your reference.

01. KSE

KSE was established in the year 1963 and entered the solvent extraction industry by setting up its solvent extraction plant in Kerala. It manufactures:

  • livestock feed in high volumes,
  • refined edible oil, and
  • coconut oil.

KSE is into the field of milk procurement and processing. Its popular brands include KS Ghee, KS Milk, and Vesta Ice Cream.

KSE Management

Jose John – Chairman (NonExe.&Ind.Director), M P Jackson – Executive Director, Marykutty Varghese – Non Exe.Non Ind.Director, K C Pyarelal – Non Exe.Non Ind.Director, C V Verghese Ind. – Non-Executive Director – Paul Jose Thaliyath – Ind. Non-Executive Director, A P George – Managing Director, P D Anto – Non Exe.Non Ind.Director, Paul Francis – Non Exe.Non Ind.Director, Danesa Raghulal – Non Exe.Non Ind.Director, Nina Paul – Ind. Non-Executive Director.

02. Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited was established in 1986. It produces edible oils, premium table spread, soya food, vanaspati, and bakery fats. It exports soya meal, lecithin, and other food ingredients. Its popular brands include Nutrela, Ruchi Gold, Mahakosh, and Sunrich.

Ruchi Soya Industries Management

Swami Ramdev – Non Exe.Non Ind.Director, Tejendra Mohan Bhasin – Independent Director, Girish Kumar Ahuja – Independent Director, Gyan Sudha Misra – Independent Director.

  • Total Sales: Rs 13,118 Cr
  • Market Cap:  13,862 Cr.
  • ROCE: 6.21 %
  • Face Value:  2.00
  • Promoter holding: 98.97 %
  • Debt to equity: 1.06
  • Price to book value: 4.11

03. Gokul Agro Resources Ltd.

Gokul Agro Resources Limited (GARL) is an ISO 22000:2005 certified and the leading FMCG Company in India. It operates across the world and has a subsidiary in Singapore and owns a production facility in Gandhidham, Gujarat, India. GARL offers various Indian states with products like:

  • soya bean oil,
  • palm oil,
  • sunflower oil,
  • groundnut oil,
  • vanaspati, etc.

It supplies to the US, European Union, South Korea, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, and Vietnam.

Gokul Agro Resources Management

Kanubhai Thakkar – Chairman & Managing Director, Ashutosh Bhambhani – Whole Time Director, Keyoor Bakshi – Independent Director, Jayesh Thakkar – Joint Managing Director, Pooja Khakhi – Independent Director, Pankaj Kotak – Independent Director.

  • Total Sales: Rs 5,851 Cr
  • Market Cap:  177.40 Cr.
  • ROCE: 19.88 %
  • ROE: 7.11 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.21 %
  • Face Value:  2.00
  • Promoter holding: 71.79 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.87
  • Price to book value: 0.59

04. Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.

Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited (GAEL) was established in the year 1991. It manufactures:

  • corn starch derivatives,
  • feed ingredients,
  • soya derivatives,
  • cotton yarn, and
  • edible oils.

It serves the food, pharmaceutical, and feed industries. Involved primarily in the agro-processing business, it dominates in the production of maize and edible oils.

Gujarat Ambuja Exports Management

Manish Gupta – Chairman & Managing Director, Sulochana Gupta – Non Executive Director, Rashmikant Joshi – Independent Director, Sandeep Singhi – Independent Director, Sandeep Agrawal – Whole Time Director, Rohit Patel – Independent Director, Vishwavir Saran Das – Independent Director, Maitri Mehta – Independent Director.

  • Total Sales: Rs 3,817 Cr
  • Market Cap:  2,487 Cr.
  • Dividend Yield: 0.46 %
  • ROCE: 13.60 %
  • ROE: 11.89 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 4.61 %
  • Face Value:  2.00
  • Promoter holding: 63.82 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.11
  • Price to book value: 1.88

05. Gokul Refoils And Solvent Ltd.

Gokul Refoils is headquartered in Ahmedabad and involved in the manufacture of:

  • seed processing,
  • refining of edible oils,
  • solvent extraction, and
  • industrial oil.

Gokul Agri International Limited that comes under the Gokul Group has edible and castor oil producing facility at Sidhpur in Gujarat.

Gokul Refoils and Solvent Management

Balvantsinh C Rajputc – Chairman & Managing Director, Dharmendrasinh Rajput – Executive Director, Dipooba Devada – Independent Director, Bipinkumar Thakkar – Whole Time Director, Piyushchandra R Vyas – Independent Director, Karansinh Mahida – Independent Director.

  • Total Sales: Rs 2,159 Cr
  • Market Cap:  175.42 Cr.
  • ROCE: 10.14 %
  • ROE: 6.66 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 5.21 %
  • Face Value:  2.00
  • Promoter holding: 73.41 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.76
  • Price to book value: 0.58

06. Vijay Solvex Ltd.

Vijay Solvex Limited comes under the Data Group of companies. It manufactures and markets:

  • mustard oil,
  • vanaspati ghee, and
  • refined soyabean oil, and
  • mustard oil.

It markets the above under the famous SCOOTER brand.

Vijay Solvex Ltd is diversified into bone ceramic gift items, China crockery, high-tension porcelain insulators, and wind power. Its modern integrated oilseed processing complexes include Vijay Solvex Limited, Deepak Vegpro Private Limited, and Data Oils.

Vijay Solvex Management

Vijay Data – Managing Director, Gayatri Data – Non Executive Woman Director, G R Goyal – Independent Director, Daya Kishan Data – Whole Time Director, Ram Babu Jhalani – Independent Director.

  • Total Sales: Rs 1,549 Cr
  • Market Cap:  147.45 Cr.
  • Dividend Yield: 0.00 %
  • ROCE: 15.55 %
  • ROE: 14.19 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 28.32 %
  • Face Value:  10.00
  • Promoter holding: 67.95 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.54
  • Price to book value: 0.94

07. BCL Industries Ltd.

BCL Industries Limited was established in the year 1976. It operates in key industry verticals like:

  • vegetable oil refining,
  • oil extraction,
  • distillery-ethanol industry,
  • solvent extraction,
  • real estate, and
  • rice sheller.

In general, BCL Industries extracts oil mainly from mustard, cottonseed, and sunflower.

BCL Industries Management

Ramesh Chander Nayyar – Chairman & Ind.Director, S N Goyal – Non Executive Director, Rajinder Mittal – Non Executive Director, V K Nayyar – Director.

  • Total Sales: Rs 977 Cr
  • Market Cap:  140.19 Cr.
  • Dividend Yield: 2.07 %
  • ROCE: 13.09 %
  • ROE: 12.97 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 12.49 %
  • Face Value:  10.00
  • Promoter holding: 0.00 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.80
  • Price to book value: 0.64

08. Agro Tech Foods Ltd.

Agro Tech Foods Ltd (ATFL) markets food and food ingredients and is affiliated to ConAgra Foods of USA.

Agro Tech Foods Management

Sachin Gopal – Managing Director & CEO, D B Singh – Director, Arun Bewoor – Director, Veena Vishindas Gidwani – Director, Denise Lynn Dahl – Director, Sanjaya Kulkarni – Director, Narendra Ambwani – Director.

  • Total Sales: Rs 841 Cr
  • Market Cap:  1,682 Cr
  • Dividend Yield: 0.43 %
  • ROCE: 9.80 %
  • ROE: 8.07 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 1.25 %
  • Face Value:  10.00
  • Promoter holding: 53.35 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.05
  • Price to book value: 4.12

09. Anik Industries Ltd.

Anik Industries was established in the year 1976 and belongs to the Ruchi group. It markets its products under the brand name Sourabh. Anik spray, Anik Anytime, Anik Madhur, skimmed milk powder, and dairy mixes are its other products. Anik Energy Pvt. Ltd. and Anik Ferro–Alloys Pvt. Ltd are its subsidiaries.

10. Kriti Nutrients

Kriti Nutrients was established in the year 1992 and is the leading soya-based manufacturing company. Kriti Nutrients deal with the processing of:

  • soyabean seeds,
  • soya-based value-added products, and
  • refining oil for edible use.

It has ISO:9001:2015 certified production facilities and manufactures soya proteins and soya lecithin for industries. It manufactures edible refined oil for general consumers.

Kriti Nutrients Management

Shiv Singh Mehta – Chairman & Managing Director, Purnima Mehta – Director, Manoj Fadnis – Independent Director, Saurabh Singh Mehta – Executive Director, Rakesh Kalra – Independent Director, Chandrasekharan Bhaskar – Independent Director.

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