WildFly Project News

WildFly Cloud Testsuite

In addition to the WildFly zip download familiar to a lot of our users, a big part of the WildFly story is that it is very usable on the cloud. And of course for that we have a lot of tests, many of which are currently private. We now have a proof of concept public cloud testsuite which can be found at https://github.com/wildfly-extras/wildfly-cloud-tests. It does not aim to run the full testsuite from https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly/tree/main/testsuite. Rather,...

Extending your configuration with YAML

In WildFly the configuration is managed and stored in the standalone.xml. You have several ways to customize your configuration: edit the XML manually (which is not the recommended approach) or create jboss-cli scripts that you can run on each upgrade. So why propose a 'new' solution to customize a server configuration ? Well the idea was to be able to externalize the customization from the 'standard' provided configuration to facilitate server upgrades: just unzip the...

New Bootable JAR example - Persistent clustered EJB timers

A new Bootable JAR Maven plugin example is available - Persistent clustered EJB timers

WildFly S2I new architecture is final!

New WildFly on the cloud architecture We have released the new components that make for a completely redesigned WildFly cloud experience. This redesign allows for more flexibility, simpler workflows and smaller application images. Our new cloud architecture is composed of 5 main components: New WildFly Source-to-Image (S2I) builder images (JDK11 and JDK17) New WildFly runtime images (JDK11 and JDK17) New WildFly Maven plugin 3.0.0.Final New WildFly cloud Galleon feature-pack 1.0.0.Final New Helm Chart for WildFly...

New Security Features in WildFly 26.1

An overview of some new security features in WildFly.

Improving readability of certificate read commands

Improving user experience and reducing console clutter.

Encrypting Filesystem realms

An overview of the new support for filesystem realm encryption.

Encrypting Pre-Existing Filesystem realms

An overview of the new support for encrypting an existing filesystem realm.

Client side default SSL context provider

An overview of the Elytron client default SSL context provider.

WildFly 26.1 is released!

I’m pleased to announce that the WildFly 26.1 Final zip is now available for download. As I discussed in my January WildFly Release Plans for 2022 post, the primary work being done by the WildFly developer community since the start of this year has been aimed toward a feature-boxed WildFly 27 release, with the main targeted feature being Jakarta EE 10 support in standard WildFly. But while WildFly 27 will be feature-boxed and release when...