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The Future is Here

NZXT and CD PROJEKT RED have joined forces to engineer the H710i Cyberpunk, a case worthy of protecting your most prized enhancements.


CRFT is a line of limited edition, officially licensed products based around the communities we love.



Bring Night City Home

The layers of kitsch graffiti contrast the Arasaka design, embodying the rich, layered history of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. The H710i Cyberpunk features interior and exterior design details, including limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 chip charmand Arasaka Puck.

H710i Cyberpunk

The H710i

The H710i is excellent for ambitious builds with plenty of space for large or premium cybernetic components. This enhanced i version adds two RGB strips and an RGB and Fan controller, enabling users to capture the neon energy of Night City itself.

H710i Cyberpunk

Limited Edition Enhancements

Augment your build with limited edition mods. The Arasaka Puck helps store your audio and VR headgear in megacorp style, while the Cyberpunk 2077 chip charm improves the aesthetic stats of your tempered glass.

H710i Cyberpunk
H1 Case

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